Each B.S.A.C qualification generally consists of a series of classroom based lectures along with lessons in the pool and open water.
Malcom & Eric: two of our instructors Lectures currently occur at the Hebburn Swimming Pool on Tuesday between 8:00pm and 10:00pm. Pool Lessons and Try Dives also take place here at the same times. Try Dives cost £10 for the hire of kit and any air used.

Learning to dive with a BSAC club such as ourselves means that you can train at your own pace, with no pressure from others and be a member of a club, learning and socialising with a group of like-minded people.

Our Instructors

We are a very active club and provide a high standard of teaching to many new and existing memebers. We currently have a team of five B.S.A.C Open Water Instructors, with additional support from a team of Dive Leaders. They are expereinced in all aspects of sport SCUBA diving at home and abroad.


An integral part of any course includes a number of classroom based lectures. These will provide the student with the necessary theory needed for each B.S.A.C qualification. After a series of lectures, the student will need to complete a brief test before continuing on to the next stage.

Pool Lessons

This is where the majority of teaching occurs during the early stages of learning. The safe environment of a pool allows the student to practise all of the necessary and important skills needed before entering open water. It also offers a chance for the more experienced diver to practise with any new kit or brush up on saftey skills.

Open Water Lessons

After attending classroom based lectures and pool practicals the student is now ready for lessons in open water. Skills learnt during practical sessions can now be put into practice and more demanding technqiues can be developed such as navigation and saftey procedures.

classroom teaching